Free Fang Pack

Free Fang Pack

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Buy 2 Fur Eels and get a FREE Fang tool. The Pet hair will slowly wear down the Fur Eel so grab an extra so you never run out of its amazing hair removing abilities!

These items will wear out over time just like the tires on your car do.  They are made of soft latex and carpets can be rough (you can see the problem).  Lighter pressure and a friction reducer (like glass cleaner) will help immensely but in the end the tool has a life span.  

If your a home user or an enthusiast you'll be in great shape for a long time with this kit.  If you are a detail professional please move to our PRO KIT for better savings and enough to last you for months to come.  We know you hate pet hair so make it go away FAST with your new, next best friend, the FurEel...