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This tool will triple your dog hair removal speed at a minimum. This patented poly latex tool slides onto our Fang adapter tool (included in this kit) and transforms your pet hair nightmare into just another day at the office. When done just slip it off and go back to your normal vacuum duties. You’ll never fear pet hair again!  Made in Italy 

Buy this kit and get 2 Fur-eel PRO’s and a FREE Fang adapter tool.

The carpet will slowly wear down the Fur-eel PRO so grab this kit that includes an extra so you never run out of its amazing hair removing abilities!  Lighter pressure and a friction reducer (like glass cleaner) will help immensely but in the end the tool has a life span.  

If your a home user or an enthusiast you'll be in great shape for a long time with this kit.  If you are a detail professional please move to our multiple unit PRO KIT for better savings and enough to last you for months to come.  We know you hate pet hair so make it go away FAST with your New, next best friend, the Fur-eel and Fang combo kit.

 Kit includes:

2  Fur-eel PRO pet hair removers

1   Fang adapter that fits the Fur-eel PRO perfectly on one end and most vacuums on the other. It has a 1.25 inch inside diameter and a 1.5 inch outside diameter. This makes it perfect for most home central vacuum systems on the inside dimension as well as many rollaround vacuums. The outside diameter is perfect to take it with you to the car wash and for several home applications. If you’re going to the car wash just pull off the tool they supply and pop this one on and you’re ready to go. If you have a large 2 inch hose, like a Rigid or Shop Vac comes with, Please order our Rigid/Shop Vac Adapter available on this website. Just scroll on down, you’ll find it!

1   Instruction card with a link to our instructional video. 

*  If you have any questions as to fitment please feel free to call us at 208-623-0003. If we don’t answer please leave us a message and we promise we will call you right back. We want to make sure you have exactly what you need to never have a bad hair day, ever again!