Ultimate Flamethrower ll Bundle (Save over $100)

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Get all the benefits of every attachment available for the Flamethrower ll and the Fur Eel. This amazing kit comes with everything pictured here  and you can mount it to so many different applications you’ll never run out of light, ever!  It also includes everything we have to offer in the Fur Eel Pet Hair and Sand remover line.  This kit singlehandedly solves several problems every Detailer or car enthusiast constantly faces. Prepare to be amazed!

2 of the 800 lumen Flamethrower lights   

2 quick connect arms

3 total quick connect attachment hubs

1 Nano-Brite clamp 1.25 inch

1 Vac-Brite clamp 1.5 inch

1 headlamp band

1 Fur-Eel pet hair and sand attachment 

1 Fang adapter for Fur-eel PRO (1.25 and 1.5 inch use)

*Fits nearly every polisher made (that we know of and that’s a bunch, we have tried them all)


Total value separate is over $285 But you’ll get the huge savings of over $ 100 off!!!

Fits nearly every polisher on the planet, seriously it really does.  You can find limitless other attachment opportunities, just let your imagination run wild!