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  • NEW Rupes Nano iBrid


Now you can destroy pet hair quickly and easily.  This patented NEW tool will drop your jaw with its function and speed at solving one of the oldest problems out there.  The latex-polymeric compound heats and softens, while n use, and literally pulls every hair from fabric and carpet and vacuums it away. Fur Eel Fits the Mr. Nozzle orange (or any other color they offer) crevice tool like a glove and also our FANG adapter tool.  Made in Italy for the high quality you've come to expect from our products. It's a HUGE time saver and another Game Changer!

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You can't fix what you CANT SEE! 800 Lumens via Six Full Spectrum LED Lights Cross Cut to expose EVERY Imperfection with 8 hours of rechargeable battery life. Now you'll See it all.

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NEW Flamethrower Vac Brite Kit

All the benefits of the Flamethrower now for interior detailing.  Everyone needs more light when they vacuum and shampoo. Comes with the new quick disconnect hub included!

(available for 1.3 to 1.7 inch outside diameter tools)

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NEW Rupes Nano ibrid Kit

Now you can have Buff Brite Light in some of the hardest places to get light to.  Every nook gets a better look with the Flamethrower!  Comes ready to go with our quick disconnect hub included!

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The Most Convenient way to get Better Lighting for your Paint Correction!


Buy Fur-eel Pet Hair and Sand Remover



Fur Eel, WOW

Time to SHINE!

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Buy NEW Flamethrower II Polishing Light (with quick disconnect)




Buy One Get One 1/2 Off! (In the Double Buff Brite LED Kit)   BELOW

Buy NEW Flamethrower II Double kit with 3 hubs (quick disconnect)




  • 800 Lumens Strong

    The 800 Lumen light uses 6 CRE LED's to create a cross cut holographic lighting pattern that shows every imperfection.  It's all about angles and it creates hundreds.

  • Long Lasting Power

    The 2200 MAh Battery has rechargeable Lithium Ion power to easily get you through a long day of polishing.  Charging is easy and quick with the supplied USB Cable.

  • Durability and Versatility

    The sturdy aluminum frame uses a military grade dampener to cradle the Flamethrower while the frame securely attaches to any polisher  with infinite mounting angles.


What polishers will the Flamethrower Fit?

The Flamethrower should fit nearly every polisher on the planet.

How long does the battery last?

The Lithium Ion Battery usually lasts 7 hours or more on a full charge.  It charges via the included USB cable.  

How much weight does the Flamethrower add to my polisher?

The complet set up weighs only 1/2 of a pound and does not throw off the balance of the polisher.


  • Chad, DENVER ★★★★★

    The NEW quick disconnect has mad this tool even more convenient.  I can easily move it from tool to tool.  Awesome!

  • Brendan, GREECE ★★★★★

     Lighting is always key to any polishing job. This inexpensive tool just solved my lighting problems. Thanks Buff Brite.

  • John, AUSTRLIA ★★★★★

    WOW, I don't know how else to say it.  I can't believe my eyes, when this light is on nothing can hide! I should have bought this months ago.

Flamethrower II Introduction

Flamethrower II in Action

Flamethrower II Install