About Us

Ever feel like you just need More LIGHT when your Polishing? That's what inspired the Buff Brite Flamethrower.  Our founder has spent over 37 years in the polish industry since detailing at his cousins Chevy dealership at the age of 14. Way too many years later, all in the Auto reconditioning arena, he has a passion for the industry that gave him a desire to find a way to improve things for everyone in the detail field.

In 2014 he was polishing a black 69 Camaro, that he was restoring, when an overhead florescent light in his shop flickered out. Laziness overcame him and he decided not to grab a ladder and replace it but to find another way to light the space. The closest thing to him was a cheap rechargeable work light so he tried to buff while holding it. That soon became an impossibility so he grabbed mans second best friend (duct tape) and attached the light to the head of the polisher. It looked quite ghetto but WOW did it solve the problem. From then the idea bounced around between his ears until we have what you see now.

On its way to 2 Utility Patents Buff Brite has been through about 10 design revisions but now sports a heavy duty 5052 aluminum frame that adds nearly no weight to the polisher. It uses a military grade dampening boot that cradles any light source of your choice. Our best seller is a cool blue, warm kelvin, cross cut CRE  LED Multifocused Rechargeable light that easily lasts all day and makes scratches and imperfections show like no other light can. It truly creates a buffing experience like no other. Its easy to get the paint blemish free when you can actually see what your surface really looks like. So make the move to a better polish in every way. Let BUFF brite light your way to a “Perfect Shine the FIRST Time” today.


Please Feel Free to contact with any questions  or with distributor inquiries.