The Fang for Fur Eel adapter

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This durable Fur Eel accessory tool is the perfect mounting piece for easy one handed use of the Fur Eel. The soft latex composition of the Fur Eel let’s it easily conform to its round shape.  It is also a great stand alone nozzle for times your not battling pet hair.  The business end of the tool is nearly 1/4 inch thick and will wear for 100’s of jobs in the future. 

It doubles as an adapter for both 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch hose mounting applications. The inside is 1.25 (inside diameter) fitting most home central vacuum systems, upright vacuums with a hose and many shop wet dry vacs too. The 1.5 (outside diameter) is perfect for most other applications like shop and garage vacuums, professional shops and even car washes. 

If you have the large 2-1/4 inch hose please order our Rigid/Shop Vac adapter for easy mounting of the FurEel and Fang to that larger style hose end